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Happy players are the cornerstone of Cashmio. We want to make sure that these players get the best iGaming experience in the world and that’s why we are looking for you to join our amazing team!

We are looking for an experienced BI Guru that is looking to join a casino that is still a Startup but already have 2 years proven track record and is about to hit the stratosphere. We are looking for You, who love data, who can be totally emerged by excel sheets and draw conclusions and provide insights that are hiding beneath the surface.

Are you the one that's always asking questions? Is always trying to answer the next thing that is making your head scratch? Would you also like to work in a 20 people team with the highest of ambitions but the lowest amount of ego and hierarchy internally? Initially, we would have some basic data questions for you but after that we expect you to roam free with our data and tell us where improvement is needed, how our changes in different departments affect us moving forward and what parts of the casino that needs more attention. Basically, you will be our map reader as we keep moving forward.

Have you been working with iGaming BI insights the last few years and are keen on putting your skills to the test and in time build your own department?

Will you be the one that will help guide this rocket to find its optimal trajectory as we guide this ship through space?

Cashmio is right now at an excellent place. New enough to still being formed, old enough to offer security. We believe that, as we all here are working together to build the company we are also offering a piece of the company to every employee joining at this stage. This might be your opportunity to further your career, be part of an incredible journey with challenges and possibilities. If you believe enough in Cashmio then it´s a very real possibility that this will be the last job you will ever have.

If you are happy, hardworking and ambitious, you might be exactly the one that we are looking for to join Cashmios team in Sliema! We can’t wait to receive your application by email:

Psst. Our cozy offices are located in Sliema, Malta, and we have a small office dog Nana (Chief of Security), so hope you like animals and are not allergic!



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