We are looking for happy wannabe iGaming superstars.

Are you looking to get into the iGaming industry? Or are you already in the industry and have collected experience and an idea on how a Casino or your type of department should be run the last few years? We can confidently say that Cashmio is for you.

We are looking for everyone good enough that has that special drive to do things better. By being a Casino startup that is looking to more than double in size both 2018 and 2019 we need rookies with a fresh set of eyes on the industry while at the same time experts that can take their expertise and start building on this rocket we call Cashmio. Using our brand, that is 100% focused on happiness, we have the ability to move freely in terms of how we interact with our players, how we interact internally and where we're looking to go. Cashmio is the World's Happiest Casino. Just look at our little Cashmios helping us to run the casino and it's a giveaway straight away.

To be able to keep our motto we need to keep our players as happy as we can while at the same time keeping that spirit in-house. In other words. When you are working for Cashmio you can expect to be driven by happiness. Dare to question old outdated routines and create new ones, Have your own career taking a step forward,onward,upwards, while sharing your days with colleagues that you are happy to call true friends.

Being a Casino startup gives us a lot of strengths but also a lot of challenges. When you are working for Cashmio you are not only able to build the company around you, affect every little bit to perfection but you are required to. We are interested in the people who are sick and tired by doing the same thing that “kind of is working”. Come to us and help move how its done. Help us shift the industry's standard to the better while at the same time have Happiness as a focus.

On top of these quite magnificent career and life opportunities we also offer other perks just to keep you moving forward as quick as we can.

cashmios wonderfull team